I don’t know how to react to the weird questions about sex that my students ask?

Children in their growing age do have questions that sound very weird to us, but they are genuinely concerned about it and want to know the answers... Read More

I don’t understand why my students are so concerned about their looks?

In normal growth and development everyone goes through Read More

I don’t know if my students know about sexual abuse? How can I be helpful in giving this information?

By raising this question you certainly have shown your concern for fulfilling your responsibility to your student. A growing child needs to know ab... Read More

Students often ask me what is Love? I don’t know how to answer it.

First, we want to let you know that this is a very common question asked by all ages. Also it certainly does not have a definite answer and giving ... Read More

My students ask me how girls get pregnant and I do not know how to answer to it.

It can be that this question is making you uncomfortable because you do not know how to explain about it or you hesitate about talking on these iss... Read More

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