Is bathing harmful and cold things prohibited during menstruation?

No, on the contrary, it is necessary to take bath daily since it is important to maintain personal hygiene more carefully during menstruation. The <... Read More

Are pimples caused because of excessive sexual desire?

This is entirely a myth. During puberty, sweat glands are a... Read More

How would one know if a girl is a virgin?

It is impossible to know whether a girl is a Read More

My friends say that when a girl starts her period, basically she stops growing. Is that true?

The girls experience a growth spurt in early adolescence, which begins around 10-11 years. They gain maximum height during this period of early adol... Read More

A girl can’t get pregnant if she has sex a few times.

Having intercourse even once can make a girl pregnant, even the very first one.  If a girl has started getting period, ovulation occurs every time. If the egg is there, and... Read More

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