Menstrual cycle must happen every 28th day

Fact: Menstrual cycle usually fall within a range of 21-35 days, the average be... Read More

Gay and lesbian relationships are just about sex.

Gay relationships are not just about sex. They are as much about sex as a heterosexual relationship. It is about their feelings, relationships... Read More

Menstruation is unclean/dirty/impure

Fact: Not at all!  It is a natural process.  During menstruation or p... Read More

It is unhealthy for a girl to bathe or swim during her periods

Fact: There is no reason why a girl should not indulge in a specific activity during her period. Read More

One can tell if someone is gay or lesbian.

Being lesbian or gay is not about what the person look like or what he/she does for a job. Anyone can be gay or lesbian and they do not have t... Read More

Gay relationships don't last.

Many people believe that gay relationships are just short flings and never last long. This is not true. They are relationships just like any o... Read More

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