All gay men are feminine.

Well, some gay men are feminine, just as some straight men are. People are feminine because of what they are, not because of their sexuality.<... Read More

Men and women are always either totally homosexuals or totally heterosexuals.

There are many individuals who get satisfaction out of both types of relationships. Such individuals are called bisexuals. They are comfortabl... Read More

Gay and lesbian people always ‘carry on’ sexually in public. Their relationships are just about sex.

Gay relationships are not just about sex. They are as much about sex as a heterosexual relationship. It is about their comfort levels.<... Read More

Gay couples usually have gay children.

Sexuality does not appear to be a hereditary trait. Similar ratios of gay, straight, and bisexual children are born to gay, straight, and bise... Read More

Since they are taken daily, oral contraceptives build up in a woman's body.

 Fact: Pills are excreted from the body regularly just like other medicines and do not build up in the body.

Read More
An IUD can leave the uterus and travel through the human body.

Fact: The device almost always stays in the uterus until it is removed by a health worker. If it does come out it will come out through the vagina. To be s... Read More

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