Is semen vital? Does dissipation of semen devitalize a man and promote ageing?

Semen is being secreted day in and day out by the genital apparatus for excretion and cannot be stored indefinitely even if one wants to do so. Barr... Read More

Does conservation of semen lead to longevity and athletic excellence?

If this had been based on physiological facts, then all bachelors would have become athletes and lived longer!

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Does the reduced consistency of semen indicate sexual inadequacy?

No. The consistency of semen may vary as it depends upon several factors like the period of abstinence, the intensity of stimulation etc. However, a... Read More

Does the reduced quantity or change in color of semen indicate a waning virility?

No. The quantity of semen often depends on the age, intensity of stimulation and the period of abstinence. As a man grows older, the color of semen ... Read More

Story of Pushpa

Pushpa, a semi literate married young woman worked as a maid in the house of Mr. Chaudhary who was the village head. One evening, while preparing to... Read More

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