Why do men have such a difficult time facing a sexual difficulty?

Most men develop some form of sexual dysfunction at various times throughout life. Often, this will be a crisis in the man’s life. For many me... Read More

Do sexual addiction really exists?

Yes, sexual addictions do exist and can create chaos in the lives of individual and their family. Moreover, sexua... Read More

What types of treatments are available for a person with a sexual addiction?

There is no one form of treatment that has been proven most effective. Often, combinations of treatments are used... Read More

What can I do if I think my partner has a sexual addiction?

Clearly, the first step is to speak with your partner and discuss your observations and concerns. Like all addictions, denial is common. In some cas... Read More

What are the risks associated with teenage pregnancy?

If you are asking for the risks form medical point of view then the answer is, it is associated with higher maternal and child mortality and morbidi... Read More

How can someone I love do this to our relationship?

In trying to grasp a situation such as this, it is important to remember that the sexual behavior is an addiction. Like all addictions they serve a ... Read More

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