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Transsexual and Transgender

Transsexual persons have a strong and persistent cross-gender identification, or feeling that they are of the opposite sex. They are persistently uncomfortable with their bodies and have a sense of complete inappropriateness in assuming the gender role of their anatomic sex. Transsexual adults have a strong feeling to live as members of the opposite sex, either adopting the social role of the opposite gender or seek to fully change in all aspects through hormonal treatment, surgery, or both.

The term transgender is used to describe behaviour or feelings in people, who are living in a gender role that is different from the one they were assigned at birth, but who do not wish to undergo any of the available medical options, or people who do not wish to identify themselves as transsexuals and consider that they fall between genders, or transcend gender. Although few studies have been done on sexual orientations among transgender people, transgender groups almost always report that their members are more likely to be attracted to those with the same gender identity, compared to the population as a whole.

Transgender is an umbrella terms for people who in various ways break with the norms surrounding gender and expression of gender. In other words, when a person does not belong to the same gender biologically, legally, psychologically and socially they are called transgender. Being transgender has nothing to do with sexual orientation and says nothing about whether a person is hetero-, bi- or homosexual. It is possible to be transgender whether you like girls, boys or people of a different gender.

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