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Some common sexual concerns: Nocturnal emissions/ Ejaculation/ Wet Dreams

Adolescent boys wonder and worry about nocturnal emissions, or the so-called ‘wet dreams.’ A nocturnal emission is an ejaculation of semen experienced during sleep or simply an involuntary orgasm. It is more common among males in their teens and early adult years, however, may happen anytime after puberty.  They may or may not be accompanied by erotic dreams. Some males will wake during the ejaculation, while others will sleep through the event. Several theories have been offered for the source of nocturnal emission, like stimulation caused by either erotic dreams or memories of waking sexual activities or the way to dispose of "built-up" semen, to make room for more, but none of them have enough experimental evidence to stand out as the most appropriate explanation. The frequency of nocturnal emissions is highly variable. Some men have experienced large numbers of nocturnal emissions as adolescent, some have them only at certain age while some have them throughout their age after puberty.

Like the hiccups, Nocturnal emissions too have a variety of "home remedies" with no scientific basis. Since, no physical harm is caused by the act and it is not symptomatic of any underlying problem, it is generally considered unadvisable to undergo any sort of treatment except in cases of severe psychological trauma.

If nocturnal orgasms cause anxiety, adolescents should be reassured that such experience is normal and cause no harm, and that it should be accepted as part of their sexuality. Anxiety may be prevented if adolescents are prepared for nocturnal orgasms.

Even after reading the above explanation, if you think that you need more help as an adolescent, parent or teacher then you can refer to the toll free number of YUVA Help-line

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