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Why is it important to understand human sexuality?

One might wonder ‘Do we need to study sexuality?’; ‘Isn’t sex something to do, rather than to talk about?’; ‘Isn’t sex a natural function?’; ‘Don’t we learn what we need to know from personal experience or from our parents or friends?’

There is also something of a myth in our culture that love conquers all – that love is all we need to achieve and to sustain satisfying and healthy relationships. But how likely are we to establish healthy and mutually satisfying relationships without some formal knowledge of our own and our partner’s sexuality; without some knowledge of how our bodies function; or without some awareness of the psychological aspects of sexuality.

In all societies and cultures, sexual and reproductive health is a central aspect of overall health throughout the life cycle and thus is critical to human development. It assumes a greater importance now that the spectre of HIV hangs over every sexual decision that is not made out of informed choices.

The evidence shows that young people are more at risk and hence making them understand their sexuality so that they can protect themselves and lead a healthy life to adulthood becomes important. Read more about why it is important to focus especially on young people's sexuality

We now know the importance of understanding sexuality as described above but our own values and norms obstruct us from discussing these issues. These norms and values around sexuality are highly influenced by socio-cultural factors. To understand how we develop these values and norms read more.

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Why is it important to focus especially on Young People’s Sexuality?
Norms and Values on Sexuality
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