Love Development

In Children

–    Mother, Father

–    Grandparents, aunts and uncles

–    Siblings and siblings’ friends/partners

–    Pet animals and teddy bears

–    Nannies, preschool teachers

–    Friends of both sexes

–    Pop and movie stars

–    Sportsmen/sportswomen

–    Playing family games

In Adolescents

–    Role modelling relationship games, e.g. playing ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’

–    Being in love from a distance

–    Daring to ask and showing love explicitly

–    Dating

–    Courtship

In Adults

–    Building love relationships

–    Marriage

–    Divorce

–    Expanding friendships

–    Children, grandchildren

Young people have a lot of questions in their mind regarding the feeling of Love. To know more about it and its components you can read more.

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Love and Components of Love
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