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MAMTA Health Institute for Mother & Child | New Delhi

Sex Development

In Children (age from 0 to 8-12)

–    Discovering their own gender

–    Discovering the opposite sex

–    Curiosity about their own sex organs

–    Curiosity about the organs of the opposite sex

–    Playing ‘doctor’ and other sex games

In Adolescents (age from 8-12 to 17-21)

–    Fantasies, longings, dreaming, interest in erotica and pornography

–    Masturbation

–    Kissing, hugging, cuddling and petting

–    First intercourse

–    Sexual experimentation 

In Adults (age from 17-21 onwards)

–    First intercourse

–    Sexual experimentation

–    Learning more about sex with one or multiple partners

–    Life long ability to learn, develop, enjoy and explore their sexuality

Everyone goes through these stages of Love and Sex development, but we still make judgments about others as shown in this Moral dilemma story. To know more about our own values and norms around sexual expression and sexuality you can read more.

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