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My child is always in front of mirror. I don’t understand what’s going on?
My breasts are small and flat and I look more like a boy. How can I develop good breasts?
Should I talk to my teen boy/girl about sex and sexuality?
I have a small penis. I am worried that I will not be able to satisfy my partner sexually.
I don’t know how to react to the weird questions about sex that my child asks?
My friends tell me that my period should be regular and come at the interval of every 30 days. Mine comes sometimes on time, but sometimes it is delayed and comes after 6 to 7 weeks. I am worried. Is there anything wrong?
I don’t know if my students know about sexual abuse? How can I be helpful in giving this information?
My child does not listen to me. What to do?
Is it possible that only one unprotected intercourse can cause pregnancy? Is there any way that a pregnancy can be prevented after the unprotected intercourse?
Students often ask me what is Love? I don’t know how to answer it.
How to stop my child from talking to opposite sex?
How does pregnancy happen?
What do you mean by the term Virgin
My students ask me how girls get pregnant and I do not know how to answer to it.
My child always prefers to be alone. Is there anything wrong?
I read and hear a lot about 'gay' and ‘lesbians' ? I don’t understand what it means.
At what age can young people have sex?
I don’t know if my teenage boy/girl knows about sexual abuse. How can I give this information?
“I am feeling attracted to someone. I can’t understand why?”
Sometimes my students want to know about Masturbation. How to discuss about it?
What should I do about this hair?
How do I deal when my students want to know about gay and lesbian?
I think my child is having sex. What to do?
I think my teen girl/boy masturbates. Is it abnormal or harmful?
My girlfriend and I go out on dates. I want to kiss her. Do I need to ask for her permission?
I doubt if my child is a gay / a lesbian. What should I do?
Verbal Sexual Coercion
Sexual harassment
Sexual Molestation
Eve Teasing
Female body: Myths and Misconceptions
Contraception and Young People
Unwanted Pregnancy and Unsafe Abortion
Male body: Myths and Misconceptions
A child who touches the genitals of another of the same sex is showing homosexual tendencies.
Homosexuality and Sexual Orientation: Myths and facts
Homosexuals can be identified by their appearance.
Homosexuals are born that way.
Homosexuality and bisexuality is mental illnesses.
All gay people get AIDS. Or, AIDS is a gay disease.
Gay and lesbian relationships are just about sex.
One can tell if someone is gay or lesbian.
Gay relationships don't last.
All gay men are feminine.
Men and women are always either totally homosexuals or totally heterosexuals.
Gay and lesbian people always ‘carry on’ sexually in public. Their relationships are just about sex.
Gay couples usually have gay children.
Contraceptives: Myths and Facts
Since they are taken daily, oral contraceptives build up in a woman's body.
An IUD can leave the uterus and travel through the human body.
A condom can get lost in woman's body.
Condoms decrease pleasure
Injectable contraceptives cause infertility.
A girl who takes the pill must be promiscuous.
Homosexuality and sexual orientation
Somebody, whose name I don’t want to mention, always tries to touch me and I don’t feel good about it.
I am a boy and I feel more attracted towards boys than to girls but I don’t know whom I can trust to talk about it.
I am a girl and I like my girlfriend or maybe I love her. I want to know what this feeling is.
I sometimes feel like killing myself.
Is large penis a mark of masculinity and so important for female sexual gratification?
Is the width of the penis important?
Is the penis usually inclined to the left?
Does a slight curvature of the penis lead to any difficulty in penetration?
Is semen vital? Does dissipation of semen devitalize a man and promote ageing?
Does conservation of semen lead to longevity and athletic excellence?
Does the reduced consistency of semen indicate sexual inadequacy?
Does the reduced quantity or change in color of semen indicate a waning virility?
Only gay men get HIV infection.
Story of Pushpa
Why do men have such a difficult time facing a sexual difficulty?
Do sexual addiction really exists?
What types of treatments are available for a person with a sexual addiction?
What can I do if I think my partner has a sexual addiction?
What are the risks associated with teenage pregnancy?
How can someone I love do this to our relationship?
I am 18 year old, unmarried and pregnant. What options do I have? Can I have abortion done? Will the doctor ask me awkward questions? How should I deal with that? Is abortion legal in India- does one have to be married to get an abortion?
Story of Madhu and Rashmi
What determines sexual orientation (heterosexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality)?
Are some people born lesbian or gay?
Is homosexuality a phase young people go through?
How can a girl increase her breast size?
Is bathing harmful and cold things prohibited during menstruation?
Are pimples caused because of excessive sexual desire?
How would one know if a girl is a virgin?
My friends say that when a girl starts her period, basically she stops growing. Is that true?
Can girls masturbate?
Pregnancy: Myths and Facts
A girl can’t get pregnant if she has sex a few times.
It is not possible for a girl to get pregnant during her periods.
Taking birth control pills makes you fat.
Wearing two condoms will provide extra protection.
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