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Rape is a crime where the victim is forced into sexual activity, in particular sexual penetration, against his or her will. The word originates from the Latin ‘rapere’, which means – to seize or take by force. Many social scientists view rape as an act of violence that is more connected with domination, anger, power, and sadism than with passion or sexual desire. Sexual motivation does play a role in rape.

One of the central myths about rape in our culture is that most rapes are perpetrated by strangers. However, most adolescents and young women are raped by men they know – often by men they have come to trust. Some of the types of rape include:

Violent rape occurs when violence beyond the rape itself is a part of the assault. This may include physical force or threat of harm, including a death threat or threat against a family member.

Statutory rape refers to any sexual contact with a person who is below the age of consent, even if the person cooperates.

Acquaintance/ Date rape refers to rape or non-consensual sexual activity between people who are already acquainted, or who know each other socially – friends, acquaintances, people on a date, or even people in an existing romantic relationship – where it is alleged that consent for sexual activity was not given.

Gang rape occurs when a group of people participate in the rape of a single victim. It is far more damaging for the victim.

Male rape: Although rape and sexual assault is usually a crime against women, men can also be raped. Although women can commit an act of rape by non-consensually forcing a man to engage in a penetrative sexual act, males are more common victims of anal rape. Men are traumatized by rape and sexual assault just as female victims.

Rape survivors might suffer physical injuries and sexually transmitted diseases, even HIV, as a result of sexual assault. They might also be at risk for long-term health complications including physical complaints as gynaecological problems. Encountering problems at work can also sometimes be witnessed. Sometimes, disturbances in sexual functioning are common and might last for years or a lifetime. Some women simply do not experience the level of sexual enjoyment they found before the assault.

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