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“I am feeling attracted to someone. I can’t understand why?”

I am tremendously interested in the opposite sex. When I am alone I cannot stop myself from looking at pornographic magazines. But this has given rise to a lot of sexual tension in me. I have been unable to relieve my emotions or even to reduce them. Nor am I being able to ask anyone elder for advice. This attitude has not yet affected my studies, but it is affecting my concentration.

Being attracted to the opposite sex and wanting to find out more about them are perfectly healthy and normal. This is the time when girls and boys begin to be attracted towards opposite sex. Although you may feel hesitant, you should talk to a mature person about any queries you might have. Do not be embarrassed as everyone, including the elders around you have gone through a similar phase. The more information you collect on sex from authentic source, the less mysterious the subject will seem to you. You should never consult cheap literature or bank upon the knowledge given by you peer group who themselves lack correct information. And when you study or do any other work, you must concentrate on it and shut out all thoughts of girls. It is possible. You have only to make some efforts.

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