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What should I do about this hair?

Both girls and boys have hair on their body. Some girls choose to trim, lighten or remove body hair and others don’t– it is your choice. There is nothing wrong with feeling that you don’t want to remove body hair. Removing hair can cause some minor problems if the skin is nicked, irritated or the re–growing hair gets stuck under the skin surface.

During puberty, boys start to grow longer, darker and coarser hair on their legs, genitals, arms, face and chest. In boys and men, the first hair that grows on your face is quite soft, slow–growing and usually on the upper lip and chin. Even if you don’t want to grow a moustache and beard, you probably won’t need to remove this very often. Later on, you will get darker, thicker, and faster–growing hair over a large area of your face. Most boys and men remove this facial hair by shaving with razor. It is important to use shaving gel or foam in order to prevent the skin from getting scraped.

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