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The discovery of an unintended pregnancy triggers a complicated set of emotions as well as complex decision-making process in both the young man and the woman. Research indicates that the most common reaction from the men is a sense of helplessness. Many a men also feel isolated, angry with themselves and their partners and fearful of emotional and physical damage to the woman.

Abortion refers to the expulsion of a foetus (naturally or by medical induction) from the womb before it is able to survive independently especially in the first 20 weeks of human pregnancy.

A few reasons for abortion are:

Unmarried mothers who feel (religiously or socially) that having a child is unacceptable.

An unmarried mother abandoned by her partner who feels she cannot raise a child by herself.

Adolescents who are not mature enough to raise a child.

Young parents who are financially unable to support a child.

Young women in abusive situations or environment unsuitable to rearing a child.

Medical Terminations of Pregnancy

Abortion Procedures

Prevention of Pregnancies in Adolescents

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