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Story of Rashi

Rashi is a beautiful young girl in her teens. Rajeev and all his classmates think that she is very ‘cute’. Rashi and Rajeev have been very close friends for the last two years. They share their class notes, meals and even walk down home together from their college. They are in love and want to get married once their studies are completed.

Rashi's close friend Reena is getting married and she invites both of them to her wedding in another town. Rashi and Rajeev had a good time singing and dancing. He even had a few drinks with the other guests. After the wedding, late that night they return back to their room at the hotel. Rashi asks Rajeev to stay with her in her room as she does not want to be alone at night.

This was two months before the final examinations. The examinations are round the corner and Rashi has not been feeling well. Her periods have been delayed. She shares this with Rajeev and both of them are extremely worried and apprehensive. Is it something to do with what happened at the hotel after the wedding? They are wondering what they should do next.

If only Rashi and Rajeev knew about contraceptives, then things could have been different for them.
Also, knowledge on Life Skills could be of help to them.


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