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What is the hymen for, what is its function?

The function of the hymen is unknown. It may be a remnant of fetal development.

Is there always bleeding from the hymen during the first sexual intercourse?

Most people do not bleed when something is inserted into the vagina. If there is bleeding, it may not happen the first time that something is inserted. What happens is that minor ruptures occur in the mucous folds, which cause slight bleeding.

What does it mean if there is bleeding from the hymen?

Bleeding is often due to the woman not being sexually aroused, but instead being tense, nervous and too dry. However, the vaginal corona varies from woman to woman, and that can also be a factor. 

Can the hymen split when cycling or horse riding?

The hymen cannot split when cycling or other physical activities. The first stretch of the mucus tissue folds of vaginal corona can be due to any penetrative activity like inserting a tampon, masturbating or having penetrative sex.

First time: Does it always hurt?

Vaginal corona is not a brittle membrane. It is just a mucus tissue fold and the sensation when it is first stretched (may be during insertion of tampon, masturbation, or having penetrative sex) is highly individual experience. Some women may experience no pain whereas for others with a thicker vaginal corona it can be painful.There may be minor ruptures in the mucus folds that might hurt, and sometimes there may be a little bleeding.

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