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Story of Pushpa

Pushpa, a semi literate married young woman worked as a maid in the house of Mr. Chaudhary who was the village head. One evening, while preparing to return home after having finished work for the day, she saw that Chaudhary had entered the dressing room where she was changing. To her shock Chaudhary molested Pushpa before she could do anything and left her to her fate. In grave pain and anxiety, she returned home to find her husband Ravi, listening to the radio. When she narrated the incident to him, she was aghast to hear her husband say, this seems similar to the film we watched last month. And don’t you attempt to take help of the police nor should you breathe a word to anyone. Think of the disgrace it will bring to the family. Pushpa complied to what Ravi said and went to the kitchen, suppressing her agony deep inside for ever. 

Where else could Pushpa go for help?

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