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What are the risks associated with teenage pregnancy?

If you are asking for the risks form medical point of view then the answer is, it is associated with higher maternal and child mortality and morbidity. The risks include increased possibilities of caesarean section, longer duration of labour or prolonged labour, damage to the genital tract, toxaemia of pregnancy, obstructed labour, higher incidence of giving birth to dead baby i.e. still birth, maternal anaemia etc. But in real term the risk is more than the associated medical risks. Teen-age pregnancy defines the future of the child mother by limiting her life goals to the minimum expectation of the modern woman. Quite often her increasing dependency on the parental household, , rejection by child fathers, the stress of raising children, forces her to forego higher order of expectations due to the need to struggle for life's basic necessities. Some times immediate demand for a job replace the quest for an education; the pursuit of career yields to the pressures of motherhood; hopes of self fulfilment fade before the challenge of raising a family. Above all, losing out on the joys of adolescence, child mothers enter womanhood, ill prepared for its responsibilities and ill-equipped to rise above the limitations, imposed upon them by their early mistakes. That is why teenage pregnancy is viewed as a problem- as an issue that must exercise the attention of policy makers and development planers at all level of action in society. That is why it tasks the thought of family planners throughout the world. Think over it!

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