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I am 18 year old, unmarried and pregnant. What options do I have? Can I have abortion done? Will the doctor ask me awkward questions? How should I deal with that? Is abortion legal in India- does one have to be married to get an abortion?

Yes, you can undergo termination of pregnancy. But for your own safety, for this purpose, go to a qualified gynecologist or to a government recognized abortion center or to a government hospital for termination of pregnancy. Since you are an unmarried teenaged girl, you have no other option left than to go for termination of pregnancy. Abortion is legal in India till 20Weeks of pregnancy. There are several clauses for termination of pregnancy on medical ground. Frankly speaking, the clauses are such that one of them can easily be fit into your case for termination. Since you are an adult, you are eligible to give consent for termination of pregnancy. In case your pregnancy is more than 12 weeks duration, two doctors need to agree to the proposal of termination and certify. One need not has to be married to get an abortion. However one should plan for pregnancy when he or she genuinely wants a child. At least 8 different methods of contraceptives are available in our country. Options are many to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In future get in touch with a councilor, or a gynecologist or with a family welfare clinic who will suggest you with best possible option.

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