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Story of Madhu and Rashmi

Madhu and Rashmi were quite close friends, studying in class X. Both shared all their secrets with each other and loved to have fun. They planned to complete their schooling and then Madhu wanted to go for a degree in Mathematics, while Rashmi wanted to be a fashion designer.

In the summer break that year, the school organized a study tour to Goa and Bombay. They met a group of boys from another school who were also on a school trip to Goa. They became friends with two boys who were much older and ended up having sex, their first time. This was one month before their school reopened.

A month later the girls retuned to school, both had missed their menstrual periods. Since they were on a vacation, they did not share this secret until the school reopened. Could they be pregnant? As Madhu's parents lived close to the school, her mother visited her every month. On her next visit, Madhu disclosed her problem to her mother. She immediately understood what was going on. She asked for permission for Madhu to attend a family emergency and took her home for the weekend. Madhu was back in school after a visit to the gynecologist.

Rashmi stayed in school and soon started to feel sick. Soon the hostel matron started to suspect that something was seriously wrong. She asked the school nurse to examine her who confirmed that Rashmi was pregnant. The principal immediately called up her parents and asked them to take her away. She was also expelled from school on account of ‘immoral’ behavior.

What’s your opinion on Madhu’s parents’ role?

Is it immoral behavior or lack of knowledge and skill behind this problem?

If only Madhu and Rashmi knew about contraceptives, then things could have been different for both of them.

Also, knowledge on Life Skills could be of help to them.

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