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Sexuality affects everyone

All human beings are sexual in nature, and remain so throughout their lives, whether or not they engage in the sexual act. Sexuality of an individual is not confined to certain parts of his/her body - it is the whole body, regardless of one's size, shape, color and weight, is sexual. More than the body, sexuality is in the mind. It is a person's thoughts, fantasies, likes and dislikes that make him or her a sexual being. Sexuality is an expression of being human. Your sexuality is expressed in your thoughts, fantasies, emotions, desires, and language, besides action. It encompasses personal and social meanings that we give to sexuality. When it is expressed positively through consensual, mutually respectful and protected relationships, it enhances well being, health, and the quality of life.

Our sexuality is expressed in the way we dress, walk, talk, and relate to people. It makes us feel alive and good about ourselves. Apart from our feelings, sexuality also affects the state of our health and relationships. In most societies, sexuality is shrouded in a cultural silence. 

Facts about sexuality

Sexuality is a part of each individual’s personality. Hence it becomes important to understand human sexuality. To learn about why it is important to understand human sexuality read more.

Both men and women are equally sexual in nature.

Expression of sexuality may be influenced by socio-cultural factors. To know more on how these factors influence our expression of sexuality read Norms and Values on Sexuality.

We experience sexuality throughout our lives and not only in young age.

Attraction to people of the same sex and those of opposite sex is normal. Read more about the sexual diversities.

We have the right to live with our own sexual orientations. To learn about sexual and reproductive rights click here.

Puppy love, crushes, hero-worshipping are normal developmental processes of adolescence. Sexuality development goes through stages of love and sex development. Click to read more about it.

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