I don’t know how to react to the weird questions about sex that my students ask?

Children in their growing age do have questions that sound very weird to us, but they are genuinely concerned about it and want to know the answers. As a teacher you would like your students to have not only academic knowledge but also life skills to take informed decisions and one of the most important decisions deal with their sexual and reproductive health. Government has also realized this fact and many state governments have started life-skills education to capacitate students on issue of sexual and reproductive health.

From your concern it seems that you want to answer but you are looking for appropriate method to do so. In order to do so you need to equip yourself with methods of building trust and communication with young people, ways to answer their concerns on sexual and reproductive health, and overall knowledge of these issues. You can follow this website to answer the questions relating to sex and sexuality and whenever you feel the need you can consult to trained counselors, doctors, etc for help.

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