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How would one know if a girl is a virgin?

It is impossible to know whether a girl is a virgin from her external appearances. By definition, a virgin is a girl whose hymen is intact. For many people virginity means that a girl or a boy has never had sexual intercourse before. The vaginal corona/ hymen, which is folds of mucus tissueis present 1-2 cm inside the vaginal opening. When a girl has her first sexual intercourse, the hymen is stretched and it may rupture. This is accompanied by some discomfort and bleeding. However there are many cases in which the hymen is not intact even in a virgin. In many cases, it does not bleed at all even at the first intercourse, because the hymen may be stretchable. In other cases, the hymen may be ruptured because of operation, injury, masturbation, insertion of tampon, or any other pressure. 

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