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At what age can young people have sex?

From your question it seems that you are concerned to know about the age at which young people are ready for sexual initiation. There is no exact age that we can provide for this question. However, worldwide studies have shown that young people are becoming sexually active at younger age. Keeping in mind this fact one cannot be sure when a young person becomes sexually active. But, it is important to equip the child with required information before he/she becomes sexually active to prevent against STIs such as HIV, unwanted pregnancy and sexual abuse. Also it will help him/ her in developing life skills in order to take informed decisions on how to deal with life situations. Studies have shown that young people want to get information about sex and sexuality from the trusted source. You, as a teacher can become the trusted source and prevent them from accessing these unreliable and harmful sources like uninformed peers, unreliable web sources, publications, CDs, etc. You can also seek others’ (like counselor or doctor) help if you need to. 

In order to communicate with young people on such sensitive topics of sex and sexuality the communication tips can be helpful to you. Also, to learn more about messages that need to be given to adolescents click here. 

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