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Sometimes my students want to know about Masturbation. How to discuss about it?

From this question we know that you are feeling hesitation to talk about masturbation. Despite the widespread condemnation of masturbation in our society, surveys indicate that most people masturbate but it varies according to age and marital status. Although some people consider masturbation as harmful, it actually is one of the body’s most effective ways to relieve stress. Masturbation is completely normal for both men and women and there is nothing to call it dirty. Women and men may masturbate throughout their lives, whether or not they are in sexual relationships with other people. But because masturbation is so misunderstood, the people who masturbate have unnecessary guilty feelings and shame about it. Masturbation is a healthy activity, whether a person is female or male. Complete knowledge about these topics will help you to talk to your students.

In order to communicate with young people on such senisitive issues of sex and sexuality the communication tips can be helpful to you. Also, to learn more about messages that need to be given to adolescents click here.

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