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How do I deal when my students want to know about gay and lesbian?

It seems that your students are asking you these questions because they have heard about ‘gay’ and ‘lesbians’ from external sources and they genuinely want to know the answers from a trusted source. There can also be a possibility that the student himself/ herself is experiencing some identity crisis and needs to find the answer. Your student has considered you as a trusted source to have correct answers and now you have the responsibility to direct them for their better growth and development. Firstly, you need to equip yourself with the best information that you want to deliver to them. Being gay or lesbian is also a form of sexual orientation which depends completely on an individual’s preferences. Many people go through a stage of being attracted to the same sex but eventually become attracted to the other sex. This is a natural part of growing up just as other young people 'know' that their attraction is to the same sex and will not change. And above all, young people have sexual and reproductive rights to decide for their sexual preferences. Thus, it is important that their environments are as open and accepting as possible, so these young people will feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns. This will protect them from prejudiced, discriminatory, and violent behavior and messages in their families, schools, and communities that impact their physical and mental health and education.

In order to communicate with young people on such sensitive topics of sex and sexuality the communication tips can be helpful to you. Also, to learn more about messages that need to be given to adolescents click here. 

For more information on sexual and reproductive rights of young people go to this link by Planned Parenthood. 

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