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My breasts are small and flat and I look more like a boy. How can I develop good breasts?

It is very unfortunate that mass media have created such a fetish about the female breast, which is primarily meant to suckle the newborn infant. The breast is made up of glands and fatty tissues. Since adipose tissue (fat) determines the size of the breast, you can deduce that, one way of enlarging your breasts may be to put on more weight. Should underweight be your problem, consult a doctor and take his or her advice. In general, proteins and food rich in carbohydrates may help. Exercises such as push-ups, develop the pectoral muscles that lie below the breasts. As far as you are concerned, I would advise you a rich diet and an active outdoor life. Remember that a healthy body and a sparkling mind are far more attractive than the most perfect of vital statistics.

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