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I don’t know how to react to the weird questions about sex that my child asks?

Children in their growing age do have questions that sound very weird to us, but they are genuinely concerned about it and want to know the answers. You are lucky that your child is asking you these questions and he/she trusts that you will give them right answer. Discouraging such questions at this point of time can break their trust on you and can obstruct them from asking such questions to relevant sources. Hence, they can get diverted and fall into the trap of misleading information. Therefore it is very important that you address their questions. If the situation does not permit you to answer the question at that point of time in vicinity of others, then you can gently assure that you will answer the child later but soon. And later do remember to address your child’s question so that you do not lose his/ her trust. You also need to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to answer the question in most understandable way. If you feel that you are not able to answer those questions you can seek help with others like trained counselors, doctors, etc.                             

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