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My child does not listen to me. What to do?

This is a very common concern of parents that their child does not listen to them. As we all know that we listen to mainly those whom we trust, and who can solve our problems. If you want to talk to your child you have to take the initiative and make attempts to gain their trust. At young age when a child is growing up into adolescence they have multiple questions about all the physical and emotional changes relating to puberty. You have to communicate with him/her so that he/she feels more comfortable to talk about immediate issues that are bothering him/her. You can avoid the unanticipated consequences of peer pressure or any other problems by opening up a channel of communication between you and your child. Studies show that children reared in loving homes where there is strong guidance but not strictness and unquestioned discipline tended to have an easier disposition, are self-reliant and face lesser difficulties in later life than those who have dictatorial parents.

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