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I have very little bleeding during my periods. How serious is this problem? Does this affect my chances of conceiving a baby in future? Will I be able to have children?

So long the menstrual bleeding comes every month regularly you need not have to worry. However very little bleeding during periods may suggest nutritional deficiency or some endocrinal problem, which may be of thyroid, pituitary, hypothalamic, ovarian or uterine cause. Some of the drugs like anti hypertensive, anti-histaminic or prolonged use of oral contraceptives may also cause scanty bleeding. Be sure that you are not suffering from psychological problem or problems related to stress. Infections like genital tuberculosis are also responsible for scanty periods. If investigated early and treated properly there is no reason why you cannot have children. Also be sure that you are not anemic. Take care of your nutritional status.

Is bathing harmful and cold things prohibited during menstruation?

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My friends say that when a girl starts her period, basically she stops growing. Is that true?

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