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Is it possible that only one unprotected intercourse can cause pregnancy? Is there any way that a pregnancy can be prevented after the unprotected intercourse?

Yes, it is possible if the female partner is having ovulation at that time. In normal course a female ovulates every month. That means egg is expelled every month from the ovary of a normally menstruating female. In a normal 28 days cycle, a female usually ovulates around 14th day of her cycle with a range between 12th to 16th day. Unprotected intercourse during this time may result in pregnancy. So unless you want pregnancy to happen, even for a casual sex, you must use some sort of contraception.

Also, it is important to remember that after intercourse, sperm may remain alive inside female genital tract even up to 72 hours and capable of fertilizing an ovum or egg.  Fortunately there are medicines which are available in our country, if taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse, can prevent pregnancy. Only two doses are to be taken at 12 hours interval. The 1st dose is to be taken as early as possible after the unprotected intercourse but definitely before 72 hours. This is called emergency contraceptive. Hence it is for occasional emergency use and not for routine use.

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