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Sexual abuse

Story of Raju

Whenever Raju's mother is not at home, Kabir uncle, their neighbor comes to their house with sweets and toffees and plays with Raju. Initially Raju was very happy as found a father figure in Kabir uncle. But gradually as days pass by, Raju starts feeling uncomfortable with the way Kabir uncle makes him sit on his lap and touches him. Recently, when they were playing hide and seek, Kabir uncle hugged Raju tight and forced him to lie on the bed, tore off his pants and had anal sex. Raju felt severe pain and was crying out loudly but Kabir uncle put his hand across his face to muffle the screams. For Raju, the whole experience was very painful and traumatic. Now, Raju is frightened and wants to talk to his mother but does not know what to say to her? He is also afraid that she will scold him again for wasting time around the house without doing anything useful.

Do you think it happens in and around our area where we live? Know more about Sexual Abuse.

What did actually happen? Why did Raju experience such pain? Read more about types of sexual acts.

Is it a form of sexual molestation? Read more.

More about legal aspects of Sexual Abuse.

Where else could Raju seek help?

If support and help is not provided, how harmful it could be? 

Sexual Abuse

Despite the fact that everyone is entitled to their fundamental rights, irrespective of religion, race, sex and social status, the tendency of the strong to overpower the weak is seen every day. Common manifestations are sexual and domestic violence and sexual exploitation.

Sexual relationships should be consensual between partners who are developmentally, physically, and emotionally capable of understanding the interaction. Coerced and exploitative sexual acts and behaviours such as rape, incest, sexual relations between adults and children, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment are always reprehensible. Sexual exploitation affects individuals and families regardless of class, income, profession, religion or race. Mostly, the victims are children and adolescents, since they are in a position of powerlessness.

Many adolescents and young females in developing countries have experienced coerced sex, either at initiation or subsequently. Contrary to common perceptions, a considerable percentage of young men also experience sexual coercion. Such experiences are observed to be associated with serious far-reaching outcomes in the lives of young females. Unintended pregnancy and abortion appear to be more likely among others. However, the adverse health and psycho-social consequences of sexual abuse includes increased incidence of sexually transmitted infections, anxiety about sexual orientation, low self-esteem, likelihood of more such experiences and risky consensual sexual behaviours as well as substance abuse in both sex. 

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