This website has been developed by MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child (MAMTA-HIMC), based on its 20 years of experience of working with youths on their reproductive and sexual health concerns and by financial support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland through Physicians’ for Social Responsibility (PSR) Finland. It is intended to convey the evidence-based information and opinions on subjects related to reproductive and sexual health concerns of young people with gender and rights perspective.

The information on this website does not exclusively direct towards course of treatment or any other procedures to be followed, and should not be substituted for medical advice or professional recommendations. This website should not be resorted towards excluding other acceptable avenues of reproductive or sexual health.

We strongly recommend that individual course of action may be appropriate, taking into account needs, resources, and limitations unique to the individuals or situations. We encourage all those seeking information on sexual and reproductive health to utilize other information sources and/or to consult with a trained medical professional or counselor before engaging in any application of the options discussed herein.

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